The Facts About Children

Today’s generation faces a lot of issues that our parents and even we didn’t face.  Most kids today will never mail a letter, never use a phone book, never use an encyclopedia.

Today, children under the age of 9 spend an average of 35 hours a week watching TV.   However, the average father spends only 35 minutes a day.  Even though this number has been increasing, it still suggests that children are being raised by the TV. Some research suggests that it may be as little as 19 minutes a day.  Another study suggests that its the quality of time that parents spend with their children that is the most important.

Major issues facing our children today are obesity, depression and attention deficit disorder. Is it any wonder that our children are obese when 35 hours of their week is spent sitting. Is it any wonder children have ADD when tv programs are edited in rapid 4 second intervals?  Is it any wonder children are depressed when they haven’t been taught to have hobbies, or releases that give them promise for the future?

If working extra hours and making extra money gets in the way of an investment of time with our children, we have failed as parents.  When our children are placed in front of the TV while dad works overtime, we have failed as parents.