Marina has a very unhealthy love affair with my Jeep.  On occasion I have had to use my mother’s or my girlfriend’s car to pick up Marina.  Almost without fail she will get sad and say she wants daddy’s jeep.  She says daddy’s jeep is more fun and not boring like grandma’s or moms car.  It’s so bad that I still keep the jeep even though it has turned into a bit of a money pit.

I think there are two major reasons for this.  First, the jeep sits higher up so she can see more.  Second,  Marina sits in the front seat in the jeep. This actually allows us to talk and play some travel games.  Marina has several great games that we play together.

One game is the I-Spy.  In I-spy I tell her I am thinking of something yellow.  She looks around and starts calling out things that are yellow that she can see.  She hopes that she gets it right. Another game is the quiet game. This is a heaven send.  We count to something and when we have reached the target number, we have a contest to see who can be quiet the longest.   Marina usually insists that I lose.  She also likes to play a game to see who can hit the softest.  Once again she insists that I lose.  The most heart-warming thing that happens is when she grabs my hand and hugs it.

Marina is getting to the age where she wants me to take the door off.  I don’t her door off.  This still makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  We have had a lot of fun in the jeep and as I consider getting a new vehicle I am faced with a lot of decisions.  With a new vehicle she may be safer in the back, how will this affect our fun?

I am currently thinking about getting another jeep or I will keep this jeep, get a commuter car and then turn this jeep into a fun jeep.  Either way the ability to pop the doors and top off, have contributed to Marina’s desire to be outdoors.  No matter what I decide, I think the Jeep has contributed too much to our relationship to be ignored.