When Marina was born I lived in Sugarhouse, less than a mile from Sugarhouse Park.  Sugarhouse park is a mecca for people looking to get outdoors and relax during the spring, summer and fall months. Even the winter can be pretty busy with large hills that make for perfect sledding when they are covered in snow.

About the time Marina was born I was on a fitness streak and enjoyed jogging the 1.75 mile inner driving loop of the park.  I had built up endurance to run three laps around the park without taking a break.  After purchasing a used jogging stroller I decided to start running with Marina.

The first day we went running it was a little cold.  So I dressed Marina in an adorable white and pink huggie.  When we first started running she was cooing and giggling.  Occasionally her binky would fall out and a scream of protest would bring me to a halt to give it back to her.

As we circled the park, I felt a little uncomfortable.  The only other people who were pushing jogging strollers were woman.  However, as time wore on in the future, I actually enjoyed the uniqueness.  After several months Marina grew to love the jogging stroller.  I had taught her that green means go, red means stop and yellow means go faster.  As I would jog around the park, Marina would often scream “yellow daddy yellow”.

We moved from Sugarhouse over the west side of the valley.  I like living on the west side much more than I did in Sugarhouse.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of amazing parks that you find on the east side.  Our jogging in the stroller took a hit and so did my physical fitness. Not having a great social place to jog has greatly decreased our desire to jog.  Recently I found a park not as great as the east side parks, but one that may work for jogging.

Marina often insists we exercise.  She claims she needs to stay in shape so she can catch dinosaurs and she doesn’t want daddy to get fat.  The pattern that we set with our kids becomes obvious as we get older.

If you have not tried running with a jogging stroller, its great.  Parents should want their kids to be concerned with health.  This is a great way to instill good habits in your children, a great way to spend time with them and a great way for you to improve your own health.  This is one of those situations that is a win for everyone involved.  You should give it a try.