There is one activity that we often overlook. It doesn’t have much of a learning value to it, but not everything has to have learning value. My brother and I often argue over movies. He thinks that a movie has to have a profound ,life-changing story . I like those kind of movies, but I can also enjoy a movie for the pure fact that it can be a thrill ride. Maybe I can teach Marina and Iggy that its ok to do something for the sole purpose of just being entertained. So with that in mind, I packed them in the car, put on my redneck suit, and headed off to the demolition derby.

It had been at least 30 years since I had been to a demolition derby, I think the reason for taking my kids, was more for me than it was them. Earlier in the year, I read that, at a demolition derby, someone was injured when a piece of vehicle flew into the audience and hurt someone. When I recently took my kids to a derby, they were a little disappointed, in the first battle, and got bored after several of the competitors dropped their drive lines, and they had to stop the action. The pre-derby activities took forever and the carnage only lasted for a couple minutes but I, myself was feeling a little bored too.

The next round cheered everyone up. There were lots of epic crashes, bending metal, smoking and flames. It was at this point in time, that I realized, I would have a 19 year old and a 16 year old driving at the same time. The demolition derby was no longer a great way to spend a chilly afternoon night. It was a vision into the future and a hint to start planning for future insurance rates. I imagined my daughter crashing into mailboxes, and seeing kittens running for their lives and the neighbors planting IED’s in their front yards to protect their desert junipers. It was no longer a great way to teach my children to just sit back and enjoy the entertainment; it was a reminder that I am a father and no matter what happens, I will always worry about my kids.

Two things managed to jar me out of the black- hole of teenage carnage in which I had put myself in. The first, was the overwhelming desire to check the score of the BYU game and the need to go to the bathroom. The two things I learned you should never do at the same time. While staring at my phone and waiting for it to refresh, as the last few minutes of a neck- and neck- game were winding down, I began to wonder why there were so many women in the men’s restroom. As the hair on the back of my neck started to stand up like spider-man’s when he is in danger, I assumed I started getting that dear- in- the headlight look as I noticed there were no urinals. Instead there were several women with amused looks on their faces. With what dignity I could salvage, I managed to escape the women’s restroom with my life. A few men outside mentioned something about warning me, but I was too far lost in thought.

After making my way back to my seat, I was able to enjoy the remaining derby. It was much better than dwelling on the wreck I put myself into. I am not sure if the children learned anything, but dad learned not to worry about the kids driving, until I have restroom -use mastered.