Operation Dinosaur

I have to admit, Operation Dinosaur was not my idea.  I came across an infographic about some parents who every November convinces their children that their dinosaurs come alive while they are sleeping.  Marina loves dinosaurs and dragons more than anything.  If you ask Marina what she wants to be when she grows up, she will answer “A Paleontologist who catches dinosaurs”.  Every time we are at the bookstore she will find any book with a dinosaur on it.  Every time we drive by the dinosaur museum, she wants to stop and see it.  To date she has almost 100 dinosaurs. When she spends the night at my house I wake up, grab her dinosaurs and set them up doing various things.  The official ringleader is Greenie a 2 foot tall green dragon.

Phase 1: Dragons Coming Alive

Phase one is what happens when she is sleeping.  Because it is time consuming and takes a creative talent I don’t have, they only come alive on the days that she plays with them.


Phase 2: Dinosaurs on Adventure

Phase two is about getting Marina excited to do things outdoors.  She gets excited when she thinks the dinosaurs go on adventures.  She didn’t want to go canyoneering until she saw the dinosaurs do it.  Now she can’t wait to take her brother canyoneering.  I hope this makes her excited to do other things she is hesitant about.